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Solar is finale of last night's Frack Free Colorado rally

topher, 2012-10-24

Last night, Lighthouse Solar's very own Scott Franklin had the honor of being the closing speaker at a star-studded Frack Free Colorado rally in front of the State Capitol Building in Denver. The energy revolution is heating up.

Having been photographing fracking sites, speaking with grass roots organizations, and following the rapidly increasing energy industry in the state, I’ve heard a lot of the arguments on both sides of the discussion.

The fossil fuel fan boys argue that solar doesn’t work. Why?  They say it takes subsidies to work.  Well, so does the oil and gas industry.  So do roads. So do schools.  So does the military.  So do a lot of things that make our lives better.

The concerned citizens say they are being poisoned by fracking operations. The fan boys say there is no proof. Do we want to wait for proof?

It’s gotten ugly. Longmont is trying to ban fracking. The State of Colorado is suing Longmont, saying they can’t ban fracking. 

Romney says if he’s elected president he’ll make North America energy independent in 5 years.  Now that’s scary.  That would turn all 50 states and Canada into resource colonies and put a fracking operation in every yard. National Forests would become National Gasslands. Then again, Romney will say anything.

One problem is that the legislators are shoving fracking down our throats.  It has become open season on Colorado’s natural resources and the legislators forgot to take the people into consideration.  You can’t really blame the oil and gas companies.  They’re just doing whatever they’re allowed to do - which is essentially whatever they want, wherever they want. The government has told them it’s ok, so they just go to work every day.

The bigger problem is our representatives are owned by the oil and gas lobby. People are pissed. And they should be.  Remember taxation without representation? That’s what started the Revolutionary War and that’s what’s going on now.

Frack Free Colorado Rally

Legends like Mariel Hemmingway and Daryl Hannah spoke, concerned “fractivists” from the Sierra Club, The Mother’s Project and Erie Rising shared their fear and horror stories of fracking operations next to their homes and elementary schools, and musical talent including Jakob Dylan and Elephant Revival played their hearts out - everyone angry and afraid. Then Lighthouse Solar’s president stepped up on the stage and offered solutions.

The crowd went silent. It’s easy to be against something, but it’s hard to implement real change and make the world a better place. Then Scott Franklin offered his perspective on how solar is a real solution, providing jobs, energy and security all at the same time.  He spoke about how solar panels installed in the 70s paid for themselves long ago and are still producing electricity.  He shared his perspective from the trenches in the clean energy revolution: how they’re hiring for new jobs, sending out trucks full of workers every day to install panels, and how children can play safely under solar power plants - and how our very representatives are on the side of the oil and gas lobby, not the American People.  The crowd went wild.  

A lot of people are still sticking their heads in the sand and pretending it is all under control.  It's not under control. Get involved. Vote. Install your own clean energy systems. Use less fossil fuel. Write your representative and tell them to pass an energy bill.  Don't let history write us as the worst generation.

1 Response to ‘Solar is finale of last night's Frack Free Colorado rally’

  • Georgia Franklin
    (10/25/2012 @ 8:04am)

    As far as energy independence, I just heard the US may be poised to become the top exporter of oil in the world, even above Saudi Arabia! This includes our toxic hydraulic fracturing methods to extract the natural gas. There are some serious arguments on both sides of this issue. Fracking has significantly lowered unemployment in some states that are taking full advantage of ravaging the earth to get to the natural gas. More jobs are good. But at what cost? Irreversible damage to the planet, and our water and air, is a huge price to pay. Especially when we have viable answers, like solar, to offset the need to, "Drill, Baby, Drill!" We need to move into the 21st century and find, and utilize, clean, sustainable energy. Solar is one tangible, serious answer. Increasing fuel standards is another way to create energy independence. It is unlikely the gas and oil companies will stop their greedy quests. These guys are not going away anytime soon, certainly not before they play their hand out, so we need to find ways to work together and build common ground (even if that means we protest and fight like our lives depended on it, pushing through tight regulations and bans). That sounds like a Fairy Tale, I know. But that is what we need. Besides, Fairy Tales have been our moral compass for eons. Can The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood find a way to work it out without LRRH getting eaten alive, or TBBW be seen as anything other than a demon is disguise?

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