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solar awning installation for a business

Get Started

Are you a good candidate for a solar energy system? See how the process works below:

1. Evaluate Your Property:

  • Do you own your property?
  • Do you have roof or ground space with minimal shading?
  • Does your roof face South, East, or West?

2. Request a Free Solar Consultation:
One of our Solar Sales Advisors can speak with you about your individual solar goals as well as do a quick analysis and provide you a proposal. In our consultation we will go through all of your questions to make sure that you understand exactly what we can offer you.

3. Select Your Payment Plan:
Lighthouse Solar can offer you several options for payment of your solar system. Purchasing, leasing, and loan options exist. Speak with your Solar Sales Advisor to discuss your individual options.

4. System Installation:
Lighthouse Solar will take you through each step of the process of installing a solar system. We are a full-service provider aiming to make your transition to renewable energy a seamless one. We also realize that your home is not a construction zone and will leave our worksite neat and tidy during and after hours each day during installation.

5. System Start-up:

Once the system is complete and your net-meter is installed, we will come do a system start-up day with you. We will do an in-depth walk through of the system as well as turn your system on. At this time you will receive your Operations Manual, and we can go over any questions you might have.

Get a solar quote to get the process started today!