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Lightgauge Data Monitoring Real-Time Monitoring from Any Internet Connection

Real-Time Monitoring • Detailed Tracking • Easy Anytime Access

LighthouseSolar's Lightgauge Monitoring System

Data Monitoring Software

Lightgauge Data Monitoring on Mobile

LighthouseSolar's customized sofware, Lightgauge Data-Monitoring, allows you to monitor the energy production of your solar system as well as the consumption of electricity from your home or building. Lightgauge updates every second, giving you real-time monitoring. Our software has the capacity to store up to 30 years worth of data.

Customers can access their Lightgauge Data Monitoring account from any location with an Internet connection or through a local area network.

LighthouseSolar's Lightgauge Monitoring System

Detailed Power Consumption Tracking

Lightgauge can be configured to monitor specific individual loads such as a hot tub, water heater, machinery, a sub-panel, or another electrical load that may be of interest. Specific loads can be tracked individually to get an accurate view of the total energy usage.

In most cases, Lightgauge Data Montitoring installs in minutes and requires no maintenance or subscriptions. By making your home or business power consumption and production visible on your computer screen, the abstract concepts of power usage becomes tangible and manageable.

Lightgauge Dat Monitoring Cutsheet Click here to learn more about Lightgauge Data Monitoring.

Live Demo of Lightgauge

View a live demo of Lightgauge Data Monitoring. To view the live demo of our software, click here.

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