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Solar Solutions for the Energy Crisis

Solar Solutions

At Lighthouse Solar, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solar solutions for your homes or businesses. We offer several different solutions tailored to meet your goals as a customer. To us, each job is unique, and we do our best to create a custom solar design that will best suit your needs.

Solar energy systems can be applied to your property in a number of ways:

Solar Applications:

We use the most efficient panels and hardware for every installation so we can design you a system that performs optimally under all conditions. All of our products are tested and held to the highest industry standard so you can trust that they will hold up during the most extreme conditions. We primarily use Lumos Solar products. For more information on our panels, mounting systems, and options, check out our solar products section.

There are a variety of ways that a solar system can work as well. Each way has it’s own set of benefits and challenges:

Solar Electric System Types:

Lighthouse Solar will help you discover the perfect solar application for your home, business or community. Get a free solar quote today to get started!